SandGrain B.V. to participate in Aeneas Penta SunRISE project

SandGrain BV is very pleased to announce participation in and the approval for the Aeneas/Penta SunRISE project. In a strong European consortium SandGrain will develop a solution for Shared IoT Security, where the SandGrain chip will securely authenticate the end-nodes. The products will be tested in the context of a high value industrial asset and an energy grid solution.

Participants in the consortium are from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, and include a.o. NXP (Leader), Philips Medical Systems, Engie, Royal Philips, FraunhoferIIS, IMEC-NL, Sirris, Technolution, and several top universities like TU Delft, TU/e, TU Munich and TU Ulm.

“This is an extremely important project for us..” according to CEO Eduard Hoeberichts, “ it allows us to develop and implement the first SandGrain chips and ID management systems in a strong European consortium. It is our objective to implement high volume chip manufacturing in the existing infrastructure of Europe and other countries, thereby enabling the chip industry to add a new capability to offer authenticated end-node IC’s cost efficient and in high volumes. This fits very well with the overarching objective of Penta – i.e. global leadership in the micro- and nanoelectronics industry in key applications segments.”